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Mattress Buying Guide

Finding the right mattress to suit your needs can be difficult. A quality mattress should meet the needs of your body shape and weight, and help to relieve medical problems such as allergies or back discomfort if required. You need to find a mattress that supports you and potentially the needs of your partner too.

The Comfort Range

The comfort range of no-turn mattresses has a contemporary style with a quilted top and pocket springs. Made using memory foam with silk, cashmere and latex fillings to add the levels of comfort expected from a Frank Hudson product. 5 Year guarantee

The Luxury Range

The Luxury Collection is a turnable mattress range using hand stitched sides, pocket springs and luxury fillings such as pashmina, cashmere and alpaca. Hand made in the UK by our team of craftsmen with a 10 year guarantee.

The Classic Range

A classic mattress from our comfort range is the most affordable
quality mattress in our collection, and our years of mattress expertise
have allowed us to give you the best mattress available on a limited budget. This mattress gives excellent orthopaedic support and a comfortable night’s rest at an affordable price. Would also make a
super guest room mattress.

Wycombe 4'6" Bed
Wycombe 5' Spindle Bed