We at Pod Furniture are excited to present our impressive console table range. The purpose of your console table should be to enhance your décor and express your interior design style. Unlike side tables, console tables are used primarily for aesthetic reasons. This is not to say you canít choose a functional use for your table, console tables are placed against a wall, making them perfect for books, bowls, and phone stations. Our console table range at Pod Furniture includes many options to suit your home.Because console tables occupy prominent spaces in hallways, landings, porches and entrances, it is often the first item a person will see when entering your home. Therefore, itís important when choosing your perfect table, that you consider what aesthetic you wish to convey. Here at Pod Furniture weíre interested in classic designs; we imagine our 3-legged, half-moon console table with an elegant vase or lamp, we encourage you to add height to a beautiful 4ft white table with some stacked books. Mid-century modern styles (currently trending in interiors) offer sleek, functional designs that are easily incorporated into most homes. Wooden tables with chic metal legs offer a more contemporary feel, available in dark tones for a more stylised luxe look.

In living rooms, console tables can be styled under statement prints or gallery walls adding extra space for pictures, paintings or photographs of your loved ones. Donít forget that under your console table can also be styled, use the space to store your pouf or tastefully stack some blankets in a woven basket.

Console tables are perfect for adding depth, colour and personality to a hallway especially when styled under a mirror. Accessorise your hall table with an orchid, artificial plants, a clock, a decorative tray or some bookends; browse our beautiful collection of décor for inspiration.